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For more than 40 years Dr.Hauschka Skin Care has led the way in holistic skin care. Early in the last century, chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka asked philosopher and scholar Dr. Rudolf Steiner the ultimate question: "what is life?"

"Study rhythm," Steiner replied, "rhythm is the carrier of life."

In the following years, Hauschka began developing plant-based healing remedies based on Steiner’s teachings. Inspired by their conversation, Hauschka found that by using the rhythms and polarities of Nature he was able to create plant extracts that retained the vital forces of the living plant and remained stable without the use of alcohol or artificial preservatives. This startling discovery inspired Dr. Hauschka and his colleagues to found a holistic pharmaceutical company, which they called WALA Heilmittel; WALA for Hauschka’s unique rhythmical process (warmth, ash, light, ash) and Heilmittel, the German word for remedy.

At the same time, pioneering esthetician Elisabeth Sigmund was transforming the nature of skin care at her clinic in Sweden. Sigmund recognized that skin health and outward appearance are the direct results of a person’s internal health and emotional well-being. Inspired by Anthroposophy and well versed in the traditional lore of medicinal plants, Ms. Sigmund developed her own skin care preparations and treatment methods designed to restore beauty by supporting health. She obtained some of the healing ingredients of her preparations from WALA Heilmittel, and after a time Dr. Hauschka asked her to join him at WALA in Germany. She accepted, and in 1967 the two launched their line of therapeutic skin care products and treatment methods, which came to be known as Dr.Hauschka Skin Care.

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